Men’s Silver Belt Buckles

This buckle made from German silver would complete the outfit of any long-haul trucker.

While men’s belt buckles are jewelry that even the manliest man might be willing to wear, few buckles are made out of precious materials. The vast majority of men’s belt buckles are brass, steel, pewter or German silver.

German silver? While it sounds impressive, German silver is an inexpensive alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. If you were around in the 1960s, you might remember the word copper-nickel in common use as the United States eliminated silver from coins, and started making copper-nickel dimes and quarters. German silver looks a lot like real silver, and the term often appears in belt buckle ads as a misleading marketing gimmick. Men’s belt buckles made of German silver have no silver in them unless they are also silver-plated.

One manufacturer offers a series of belt buckles with single-letter initials. There is gold plating on the letter and raised border of each buckle, while there is silver plating on the embossed background. These make attractive personalized gifts when you know which letters to order.

Men’s Silver Belt Buckles

There is not a huge market for mass-produced men’s belt buckles made entirely of silver. In fact, many of the most desirable silver belt buckles come from silversmiths who make their creations one-at-a-time. For these hand-made accessories, you can spend two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, and even more dollars, and be confident that you’re getting a rare creation indeed.

As you might guess, handmade silver belt buckles often have western themes, but with diligence you can find many other designs as well. If you can’t find a design that appeals to you, you can probably find a silversmith willing to do a custom job—but be prepared to pay extra for the service. Here’s a link to the web site of Randall Moore, who offers a modest selection of very nice hand-made buckles.

This smooth, polished sterling silver belt buckle works on belts that accept interchangeable buckles up to an inch wide (it’s not for web-style belts that require clamp-on buckles). The belt’s face could hold a characters, should you want to have it engraved.

This sterling silver belt buckle looks sharp as it is, but the design features a smooth rectangle on a textured feild. Find an engraver, and that rectangle could hold your initials or the initials of a loved one for whom you want a personalized gift.

Silver-Plated Men’s Belt Buckles

To satisfy customer demand for silver, seriously commercial manufacturers turn to silver plating. A silver-plated buckle might start out as a copper-nickel one (German silver), but then it goes through a chemical process that makes real silver stick to it. The outer surface of a silver-plated buckle (also called layered silver, silver clad, and electroplated) is pure silver, but that’s a thin layer of silver. With normal wear, the silver plating may, eventually, rub off… but it takes a lot of rubbing; many silver-plated items survive several generations without losing their silver shine.

Go Silver!

Many gorgeous silver men’s belt buckles originate from the west. These buckles tend to be hand-made, so they’re hard to find, and generally quite a bit pricier than buckles made for the masses.

The good news is that you can find silver men’s belt buckles in many price ranges. Occasionally, you can find a high-production commercial silver buckle for under $100, but that’s a rare find. Of course, hand made buckles can be much more expensive. Silver-plated buckles cost as little as $30, but might cost much more depending on the craftsmanship. German silver buckles (no silver at all) can cost $30 and up—German silver may not be the real thing, but it’s still a high-quality metal.

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