Horse-Themed Belt Buckles

So many men’s belt buckles celebrate the horse. In this one, a horse’s sleek, majestic profile stands out against a detailed background. Click here to buy your own.

Do you have any men’s belt buckles featuring horses? Why not? If you sport a belt with interchangeable buckles, you really should have a horse-themed buckle in your collection. Consider:

Country, country-western, western… if none of these words describes your lifestyle, they may at least touch a romantic chord. You can listen to country music radio nearly everywhere in the United States, and in many other parts of the world as well.

Speed, power, grace, and form all come together in a running horse. A fitting accent to any country-western outfit. Click here to get one for yourself.

The old west threads its way through our culture, and in many places it lives large. Even in the stodgy northeastern state of Rhode Island you can find a honky tonk. There, patrons wearing jeans, button shirts, cowboy hats, bolos, and matching belt buckles roll up in pickup trucks for fine steaks, beer, and evenings of jitterbugging.

Horses made it Possible

The unadorned profile of a horse’s head makes a clear statement: Horses rule! Click here to buy your own buckle.

The culture of the old west might not have arisen at all if not for horses. These amazing animals carried our ancestors across our great country. They moved freight, plowed our fields, and covered hundreds of miles where people on foot might have covered only tens of miles. Even when most of society traded horses in exchange for gas-powered machines, the horsepower was the standard measure of power—and it remains so today.

But as horses fell from favor, they remained a symbol of rugged outdoorsmen; of the working class who keep our country running. It’s appropriate that the western-style buckle actually originated during this industrial revolution—just about one hundred years ago, this style emerged, letting craftsmen design distinctive images that cowboys wore with pride.

A trophy buckle is usually quite large. This six-inch by four-inch beauty (featuring a horse, of course), resembles buckles awarded to champions of such rodeo events as barrel racing and calf roping. Click here to buy your own.

Horses on Men’s Belt Buckles

You can find, perhaps, hundreds of belt buckles in production featuring images of horses. There are very simple designs with nothing more than the profile of a horse’s head raised against an etched pattern. Other buckles hold sculpted images of one or more horses grazing, running, or jumping.

If you like horses—or if you just want an authentic western-styled buckle, you’re bound to find at least one that tickles your fancy. Start with the ones on this page, and follow this link to find other horse-themed belt buckles.

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