Especially for Collectors of Men’s Belt Buckles

If you’re new to the idea of having a belt with interchangeable buckles, then you may not be ready to call yourself a collector of men’s belt buckles. However, once you’ve explored the thousands of varieties of buckles available, it can be hard to resist adding to your own collection. Even when you have a dozen or more men’s belt buckles, you may be a long way from calling yourself a collector. Maybe you have a bunch of buckles because you like to have a variety of accents for various outfits and social situations.

On the other hand, do you express any of these behaviors?

  • you find yourself examining belts and their attached buckles at yard sales
  • you admire the belts and buckles on display in your local army-surplus store
  • you always check out the belts and accessories when you go clothes shopping
  • you sometimes dig through belts at your local salvation army store
  • you visit flea markets and antique stores, and dig around looking for belt buckles
  • you search the web using phrases such as “men’s belt buckles” or “mens belt buckles”

Just In Case…

If you’re starting to amass a collection of men’s belt buckles—especially if you’re not buying all of them factory-fresh—then do yourself a favor and invest in a book to help put those buckles in perspective. One such book, Collecting Men’s Belt Buckles, was published in the year 2000 and remains the most accessible authority on the subject.

The author of Men’s Belt Buckles, Joseph Saitta, has created a lavishly-illustrated book with hundreds of photographs and descriptions of men’s belt buckles. But Saitta doesn’t stop there. He includes tips for collecting interesting buckles, and he helps you understand the monetary value of the buckles you collect.

Collecting Men’s Belt Buckles is the essential guide for any collector. Increase the value of your collection by learning to identify quality buckles whose worth will continue to increase. Don’t collect blind; click the illustration at right to get your own copy today.


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