Cowboys Wear Men’s Belt Buckles

Danger, action, excitement, fun: Bull riding is one of the great celebrations of the cowboy lifestyle. Men’s belt buckles featuring bull riding also celebrate the cowboy. Click here to buy your own and join the celebration.

With what easily identifiable group of people do we most associate men’s belt buckles? Would you answer, Cowboys? I think of cowboys when I think of interchangeable men’s belt buckles. To me, the wide leather belt and sculpted metal buckle are every bit a part of the cowboy image as a wide-brimmed hat and holstered six-shooters.

The mere mention of cowboys can spark a reverie for most Americans: The high plains, the old corral, the mesas, the canyons, the chaparral. Riding the range, roping a cow, gentling a horse, driving cattle. A cook fire, the chuck wagon, the bedroll, sleeping under the stars… so many romantic images come to mind.

Modern Cowboys

Cowboys today aren’t all that different from historical cowboys, though the tools have changed and mending fences has grown in importance. And, whether a cowboy is wearing it, out west you find fashion heavily influenced by the cowboy heritage: boots, blue jeans, button shirts, bolo ties, wide-brimmed hats, and, of course, the tooled leather belt with interchangeable buckle are almost mandatory at pubs, honky-tonks, and pool halls where folks meet after work.

This is one of my favorite cowboy belt buckles: there are thousands of cowboys named Dad. Heck, I’ve answered to Dad for seventeen years and hope to do so for another fifty or so. Click here to get your dad a belt buckle with his name on it.

There’s at least a little cowboy in nearly every American. Heck, pull on jeans, and you become a link in a lineage that goes back to the 1870s when Levi Straus financed production of the first modern denim work pants. These, along with interchangeable belt buckles became emblems of the American west in the early part of the 1900s.

Do you wear blue jeans? How about cotton duck or other work pants? Dress them they way they were meant to dress: get them a wide, tooled leather belt and a handsome cowboy men’s belt buckle that celebrates the American icon.

If the designs on this page don’t satisfy, please visit our astore where you’ll find a section devoted to cowboy-themed belt buckles. Or, visit the vendors whose logos appear in the right margin; most feature at least some cowboy-themed buckles.

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