Custom Men’s Belt Buckles

On-line jewelry store Hip-Hop Bling offers a small collection of men’s belt buckles that double as cigarette lighters.

The holidays are upon us, and there is obviously a rising interest in men’s belt buckles. Why not? Belt buckles make terrific gifts. I’ve been cleaning things up on the Men’s Belt Buckles blog to make it easier for you to find exactly the right buckle for your man.

As I explained in an earlier post, I added links to several online belt buckle stores. I also weeded out-of-stock items from my own a-Store—that’s a customized online store offering specific selected products from

My a-Store lets me create collections of men’s belt buckles representing specific themes, and I’ve included shopping pages for horse-lovers, for silver-enthusiasts, for gamblers, and for football fans. I’ve also added a section for cowboy belt buckles, though this is the first time I’ve mentioned it in my blog. Find the link to my buckle a-Store in the right margin of this page. Yes, I’ll add more categories over time.

Design your own Men’s Belt Buckles

Today I added links to two other online belt buckle stores. These links introduce categories of men’s belt buckles I haven’t yet talked about: Belt buckles with built-in cigarette lighters, and extremely customizable buckles.

Body Candy, an on-line jewelry store, has an extensive selection of men’s belt buckles, with emphasis on customizable. On the left: you supply the photograph; they put it on the buckle! In the center: one of many buckles designed for engraving. On the right: scrolling lights reveal whatever message your man wants to convey. Click here to visit Body Candy.

A belt buckle with a built-in cigarette lighter found at Hip-Hop Bling is very practical. Even if you don’t smoke, having a lighter in your belt buckle comes in handy: light campfires, charcoal grills, candles for romantic dinners, chafing dishes, Bunsen burners, gas stoves… no need to carry a separate device.

In another vein: check out the huge collection of customizable men’s belt buckles at Body Candy. You’ll find buckles to which you can add several initials, and even buckles that display messages of your choice in lights! Links to these added belt buckle dealers appear in the right margin of this page.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, and thanks for visiting!


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