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The Men’s Belt Buckles blog is managed by Daniel Gasteiger whose interest in belt buckles began in his pre-teen years. Then, he raised and trained horses on his family’s weekend farm, and belts with interchangeable buckles seemed somehow necessary.

Daniel no longer has the original brown leather belt with its pressed-in floral design that introduced him to interchangeable buckles. But, amazingly, he still has a few poor-quality buckles that he collected in his early teens. Despite having been stored in boxes for nearly 30 years, those buckles are worn smooth in places, and missing some of their original brass plating.

More surprisingly: until recently, Daniel’s two leather belts had bolted-on buckles and he hadn’t added an interchangeable buckle to his collection since his mom and dad brought a gorgeous souvenir back from Alaska fifteen years ago. He hopes this blog will revive his enthusiasm for collecting men’s belt buckles, and help develop his knowledge of the manufacturers, craftspeople, and history of belt buckles.

Daniel is a writer, computer programmer, and business consultant living in rural Pennsylvania. He manages blogs about gardening and rural-living, so his Men’s Belt Buckles blog is a casual adventure. He posts when he can fit the research and writing in between other projects, but he’s very responsive to inquiries from visitors to his site. Please leave comments or send email if there are topics you’d like to see on the Men’s Belt Buckles web site.

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    Kathy Flick Says:

    I came across your blog and wanted to send along my website http://www.itsherbiz.com

    I originally started the website offering Womens Handcrafted Swarovski Crystal Belt Buckles. However, since Anthony Kim (PGA Competitor) wore his famous Crystal Initial Buckle in Sept 2008 men make up the largest portion of my customer base!

    We now specialize in Custom Belt Buckles for Men and Women including Team, Company, Country Club and Organization Logos.
    I am just now getting into the Equestrian Community!

    I would love for you to take a look at my website and provide feedback if possible.

    Thank You!
    Kathy Flick

    Eyeconoclast Inc dba

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