Buying Guide: Best Scope for Sks

The SKS Scopes are integral to anyone perfecting their aim. The best scope for SKS is a matter of debate in the community. Gun owners seem to be divided about the scopes for SKS model guns. That could appeal to new buyers who want to make the project work for their needs. Consider the advantages of the SKS scopes on the market today. Trust the advantages of the buying guide and learn more about the product. Hunters swear by the scope for SKS and that helps them to a considerable extent. Trust the manufacturer and see what new products they can showcase for buyers.

First, the reviews for the best scope for SKS are helpful. That shows what other people think about the new product. The reviews can offer better overall performance with these products. That is why the products have been so well reviewed over time. The products have garnered praise because of the accuracy that they can utilize. The hunters and marksmen will take a shot at their next target. The scope could be a memorable asset that people want to utilize. The scope for SKS guns is an investment, but one that will pay off over time for people.

The price tag for the best scope for SKS is on the market. These prices reflect the real quality of the gear now in stock. Trust the advantages of the sellers who make the deal possible. The scopes for SKS are sold to buyers who want a great new deal on the market today. The cost for the project is going to be arranged in good order. The price tag is helpful and people want to make the deal worthwhile. The price is also including the shipping costs involved. Those shipping costs are important for processing requests too.

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Despite a mounting body of proof on the positive effects and potential uses of CBD, the field of cannabis-related medicinal research is still new. Mainstream parties are at last accepting that a recently demonized substance really represents a wide range of therapeutic applications. All things considered, there are not many in vivo studies of CBD on cats; in any case, there is an abundance of anecdotal and preliminary reports that help its therapeutic action.

Among the conditions CBD can help mitigate in cats are:

You may want to see: Best strains for anxiety: Top 6 cannabis strains for headaches.


Cats are clearly a lot smaller than people, which implies they will ordinarily require much lower doses of CBD than we do.

In the event that you buy a CBD oil product made explicitly for cats, ensure you read the recommendations for right dosing that accompanies the product. You can likewise utilize CBD oils that are made for humans, as long as you try to utilize them in the proper low dose.

As indicated by certain veterinarians, 0.1– 0.5mg of CBD per kg of your cat is recommended. Singular dosages may differ depending on the particular condition your cat is experiencing, among different variables. Keep in mind, less can be more. It is in every case better to start with low dosages first to see how your cat reacts.


  • Arthritis: 0.5mg/kg twice a day
  • Asthma: 0.5mg/kg twice a day
  • Inflammatory bowel sickness: 0.2mg/kg twice a day
  • Pancreatitis: 0.1mg/kg twice a day, slowly increasing to 0.5mg/kg twice a day
  • Chronic upper respiratory tract infections: 5mg/kg twice a day
  • Seizures: 0.5mg/kg twice a day and afterward increase gradually—maximum dosage for treating seizures can be up to 3mg of CBD per kg weight of your cat

Understand that CBD doesn't ordinarily work overnight. Some of the time it can take half a month for you to see its impacts on your pet. Subsequently, when you administer CBD, be consistent and patient, cautiously watching your cat so you can know the ideal measurement in due time.

When in doubt, it is best to hold up possibly 14 days before increasing the dose. Repeat this procedure as recommended until you see the effects.


There shouldn't be any negative side effects when you give CBD oil to your cat in appropriate dosages. An excess may cause your cat to become sedated, yet this isn't life-threatening.

While CBD is commonly safe to give, understand that you ought to never administer cannabis or cannabis-derived products that contain THC. Cats are much more sensitive to THC than people. While you may enjoy being high from THC, your cat would find it exceptionally unpleasant.

Many pet owners state that CBD has improved their dogs and cat's health and general wellbeing. This proposes CBD oil can be a viable and safe approach to treat your cat for different health conditions. Give CBD oil to your cat and let the results manifest themselves!

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The 10 Best CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats on 2019.

How to Easily Eliminate Tartar

One of the most unpleasant things you have to deal with at the time of cleaning is tartar. This is a calcium compound that forms on the surface of those areas that are in constant contact with water. Although many believe that eliminating it is a very complicated task, there are methods that help to get rid of even the deepest sediment stains if they are carried out with much effort and in the right way..

The most prone zones to suffer from scale accumulation are the bathroom and the kitchen since the circulation of water and other liquids is permanent in those places, for that reason, the cleaning of spaces such as the tub, the sink, dishwasher, etc, should be established as a priority. However, some appliances like, for example, hot tubs may also be affected by this.

Some common ingredients present in the kitchen cupboard can be very useful when removing tartar. The vinegar, for example, is mixed in equal parts with water, applied to the surface to be treated, allowed to act for a few minutes and removed with a cloth; this process allows the tartar to be softened or detached and later removed. Lemon juice can be used in the same way, especially if we clean elements made of porcelain or vinyl like tubs or sinks since their bleaching properties allow them to look better.

There are also many commercial cleaning products designed exclusively to eliminate scale, they consist of strong chemicals that are perfect for treating the most difficult areas to clean, such as taps and toilets. To apply them, we must know very well the type of material with which we are working and, in turn, read and follow carefully each of the instructions pre-written on the packaging of the product. Also remember that the use of gloves when handling chemicals is mandatory.

To remove tartar from appliances such as coffee makers or electronic jars, fill the container with water and vinegar or a tartar cleaner, ignite until the liquid boils and let it sit overnight. The next morning, it has to be emptied and rinsed. It is possible that the process should be repeated several times with clean water to remove any remaining particles.

If you want to clean washing machines or dishwashers, the process is to simply place a cup of the product to be used in the compartment where the soap goes, prepare a wash cycle and that's it. For the taps, it is advisable to use cotton or another type of wet cloth with the cleaner, then place it on the surface so that it covers them completely, let it act for one hour and proceed to remove it.

In the case of tubs, the places that accumulate most tartar are behind the tap and in the corners where the water stagnates. To do this, you can use pure vinegar, taking special care with the enameled tubs since its acid can damage them, this should be applied only in the affected areas and then removed with a cloth. If product residues are perceived on the porcelain, it should be rinsed with warm water. If you have a hot tub, you can use its warming characteristhic to heat water for a while and soft the deepest stains.

On the other hand, we have the toilets. Cleaning the scale that builds up inside or under the edges of them can be quite complicated. To do this, it is advisable to use a specific cleaner for toilets, which should be applied to the stains, let it stand for as long as the container indicates and removed by pulling off the chain. If the dirt is sticky, a brush or pumice can be used to scrub and remove them easily.

In this way, getting rid of tartar becomes a simpler task. Including its removal in your hygiene and cleaning routine is of the utmost importance since the more times it is done, the less tartar accumulates and it becomes easier to clean it.

A Solar Power Charger, is It Really Worth Buying?

Power banks are increasingly being used for all kinds of mobile devices. These devices do not have a battery that’s lasts for 2 days and when on the road, will have to be recharged. Most of the times, when on a trip or journey you will not find a power supply on every occasion. In an airplane, in the mountains or other remote place. A power bank is the ultimate savior when you're smartphone, tablet or speaker runs out of power. But what is the best solar power bank out there?

A test was conducted in 2018 and they tested several solar power banks. The tests was made with 16 different power banks and in different price ranges. All the power banks had a capacity of 5000 to 6000 amperes per hour. The big advantage of a solar power bank is that they do not need another device to charge itself. If you are going for a hike in a sunny country, you do not have to take another device to charge your power bank. With sufficient sunlight, these power banks charge themselves.

This test was executed on several parts of the solar banks. They were tested regarding capacity, the time to charge a bank and all the technical aspects. They also conducted the overload on the USB gates and if short circuit did appear. This way they could see which solar banks were fire resistant/proof. Some were not fire resistant at all, they have been removed out of the test.

Another feature that was tested, was the overstrain. Overstrain can occur when a defect loader is used. The system checks if the solar bank gives electricity boosts or not. The most cheap products did not even work anymore after this test. The cheaper banks also had a weak cover and were not fire resistant. After long testing and working with the different products, one of the best solar power banks can be found here.

Men’s Silver Belt Buckles

This buckle made from German silver would complete the outfit of any long-haul trucker.

While men’s belt buckles are jewelry that even the manliest man might be willing to wear, few buckles are made out of precious materials. The vast majority of men’s belt buckles are brass, steel, pewter or German silver.

German silver? While it sounds impressive, German silver is an inexpensive alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. If you were around in the 1960s, you might remember the word copper-nickel in common use as the United States eliminated silver from coins, and started making copper-nickel dimes and quarters. German silver looks a lot like real silver, and the term often appears in belt buckle ads as a misleading marketing gimmick. Men’s belt buckles made of German silver have no silver in them unless they are also silver-plated.

One manufacturer offers a series of belt buckles with single-letter initials. There is gold plating on the letter and raised border of each buckle, while there is silver plating on the embossed background. These make attractive personalized gifts when you know which letters to order.

Men’s Silver Belt Buckles

There is not a huge market for mass-produced men’s belt buckles made entirely of silver. In fact, many of the most desirable silver belt buckles come from silversmiths who make their creations one-at-a-time. For these hand-made accessories, you can spend two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, and even more dollars, and be confident that you’re getting a rare creation indeed.

As you might guess, handmade silver belt buckles often have western themes, but with diligence you can find many other designs as well. If you can’t find a design that appeals to you, you can probably find a silversmith willing to do a custom job—but be prepared to pay extra for the service. Here’s a link to the web site of Randall Moore, who offers a modest selection of very nice hand-made buckles.

This smooth, polished sterling silver belt buckle works on belts that accept interchangeable buckles up to an inch wide (it’s not for web-style belts that require clamp-on buckles). The belt’s face could hold a characters, should you want to have it engraved.

This sterling silver belt buckle looks sharp as it is, but the design features a smooth rectangle on a textured feild. Find an engraver, and that rectangle could hold your initials or the initials of a loved one for whom you want a personalized gift.

Silver-Plated Men’s Belt Buckles

To satisfy customer demand for silver, seriously commercial manufacturers turn to silver plating. A silver-plated buckle might start out as a copper-nickel one (German silver), but then it goes through a chemical process that makes real silver stick to it. The outer surface of a silver-plated buckle (also called layered silver, silver clad, and electroplated) is pure silver, but that’s a thin layer of silver. With normal wear, the silver plating may, eventually, rub off… but it takes a lot of rubbing; many silver-plated items survive several generations without losing their silver shine.

Go Silver!

Many gorgeous silver men’s belt buckles originate from the west. These buckles tend to be hand-made, so they’re hard to find, and generally quite a bit pricier than buckles made for the masses.

The good news is that you can find silver men’s belt buckles in many price ranges. Occasionally, you can find a high-production commercial silver buckle for under $100, but that’s a rare find. Of course, hand made buckles can be much more expensive. Silver-plated buckles cost as little as $30, but might cost much more depending on the craftsmanship. German silver buckles (no silver at all) can cost $30 and up—German silver may not be the real thing, but it’s still a high-quality metal.

Follow our links to our affiliates to buy your silver buckles today. Or, check out our e-store where we’ve recently added silver-plated, German silver, and a few pure silver belt buckles to our selections.


  • Collecting Western Belt Buckles – As Porterfleischner popularity of Western style grows, so does the fashion and accessories of that style. Western Estelleradvany Buckles are currently going through a fashion revival. Today Western Belt Buckles are worn proudly by our …

  • XXL Dollar Sign Fully Iced Out Hip Hop Bling Belt Buckle – TONS of stuff added daily, keeping checking back for LOADS of new stuff! TONS of stuff added daily, keeping checking back for LOADS of. TANG CLAN OVAL Belt Buckle Bling: XXL Iced Out. XXL Dollar Sign Fully Iced Out Hip Hop Bling Belt …

  • unique personalized gift – Offers a variety of western saddles, silver belt buckles and sets, money clips, and bracelets. Custom work available.Manufacturer of graphical leather belts and buckles. From patterns of chimps to a western showdown. …

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Men’s Belt Buckles for Halloween

Set off your Halloween costume with a men’s belt buckle. This is the only time of year that completely legitimizes wearing something a little crazy. Whether you’re going trick-or-treating with the kids (or you are a trick-or-treating kid), you’re attending Halloween parties, or you just want to fit in at work, a belt buckle can be just the touch.

Halloween Men’s Belt Buckles at Work?

At least in the United States—even in very stuffy corporations—it’s common for people to acknowledge Halloween by wearing at least an element of a costume. Some folks might wear entire costumes, while others (most who bother at all) wear an item or two to celebrate the holiday in their workplaces.

The Not So Subtle Accent

I’ve seen people at work wearing wigs, face paint makeup, latex costume noses, masks, fake glasses, hats, and costume shirts. Nearly all of these touches were in-your-face costumes that were clearly out of place, but still acceptable for the one holiday that legitimizes dress-up.

Of all the costumes and costume elements I’ve seen at work, my favorite was a set of latex pointy ear tips much like the ones sported by Star Trek’s Vulcans. While in the spirit of the holiday, the ear tips were subtle—I’m sure many people didn’t notice them at all—but they clearly expressed some of the personality of the person wearing them.

Men’s Belt Buckles for Subtlety

A belt buckle also can be in the spirit of the holiday. There are many designs that fit the general Halloween theme of dead spirits affecting the living, and as many more of images people associate with Halloween: skulls, skeletons, demons, bats, cats, and more. There are also buckles fitting broader themes that inevitably arise around Halloween: fantasy and science fiction.

What makes a themed men’s belt buckle so appealing is that it adds an accent to a costume where most costumes simply make do. If you’re dressing like the undead, why not include a belt buckle whose design celebrates the undead?

But for many, a themed belt buckle has a different appeal: Because it’s subtle, you can wear it to celebrate in almost any setting. When you show up to work one day with a vampire bat holding up your pants, you may get a few inquiries, but you’re not likely to be chastised for dressing down.

Examples of Halloween Buckles

Among the many Halloween-themed men’s belt buckles available are a Grim Reaper, a skeleton hand, and a vampire bat. There are many more featuring skeletons or skulls, though most aren’t specifically about Halloween; skulls have become symbols of bikers, rock bands, and pirates, so belt buckles designed for one of these audiences often play well for all of them.

Men’s belt buckles with fantasy themes abound. While designers might create original buckles that express their own fascination with traditional sword & sorcery motifs, there are far more buckle designs related to science fiction and fantasy movies and comic books. Two of the buckles shown here represent classic fantasy themes, while the third represents one of the most recognizable villains in the history of cinema.

Follow this link to check out these and other men’s belt buckles at our on-line store.

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Men’s Belt Buckles for Football Fans

What does football have to do with men’s belt buckles? Well… with football season underway here in the United States, many of us look forward to three or four successive days each week of spectatorship: Friday evenings, we gather for games at our local high schools; Saturdays, we watch college ball; and on Sundays and Mondays we watch pro football. Diehard fans hold season tickets to home games, and you’ll find them tailgating in the parking lot and cheering in the stadium.

These dedicated fans usually wear their teams’ colors. They have tee shirts, sweat shirts, hats, jackets, stadium blankets, and coolers sporting team logos. Some paint their faces, and some strip down and paint their chests—even when temperatures dip below freezing.

As decked out as a fan may be, he (or she) often overlooks his (or her) belt buckle. The typical fan simply isn’t aware that there is at least one style of officially-licensed belt buckle bearing the team logo… and for the particular fan, there are usually several styles from which to choose.

NFL Men’s Belt Buckles

A local high school could have promotional belt buckles made, but these would be sold locally as fundraisers. Many college teams have promotional belt buckles, typically sold in college stores—though some are available through other commercial channels. Of course, NFL belt buckles have broad distribution. To boot, there is a variety of styles of officially-licensed NFL buckles with team logos. Oddly, team logo men’s belt buckles of each style aren’t available for all NFL teams. In fact, in certain styles, only a handful of teams are represented. Here are descriptions and examples of the styles of licensed NFL belt buckles:

The simplest of the men’s belt buckles for NFL fans is no more than a team’s official logo with a bale and a hook on the back. Most of these have the same shape as the logo itself. These vary in size considerably as a logo’s design dictates a buckle’s proportions—a wide logo works well as a relatively small belt buckle, but a narrow logo results in a taller buckle—otherwise the buckle simply wouldn’t be wide enough. Consider these from New England, Dallas, and Minnesota:

A second style of NFL buckle is a medallion that has a standardized look: a football player on the buckle’s right side, and a team logo on the buckle’s left… these are, perhaps, the most subtle of the designs; it takes a close look to see what the buckle represents. These buckles are each 2.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide:

Perhaps the most ambitious of the NFL team logo belt buckle designs are the “limited edition” series. These designs combine the logo with several related elements in striking relief. For example, the NY Jets buckle in this series shows a bit of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty, while the St Louis Rams buckle shows some city skyline and the Gateway Arch. Running about 2 and 3/8 inches high and 3 inches across, this series of NFL men’s belt buckles offers the greatest variety of designs:

The NFL team logo men’s belt buckle most clearly designed with the tailgating fan in mind is more than just a means to hold up your pants; it’s also a bottle opener. These are surprisingly low-profile; one isn’t likely to draw attention until you use it to open a beer:

There is a line of “oversized” NFL team logo buckles. These have a standardized design with the team name on raised borders around an oval that holds the team logo. The oversized buckles are quite large—3 and 3/8 inches tall by 4 inches wide—and they look very sharp; people will know which team you favor when you wear one of these big boys.

Perhaps the flashiest of the licensed NFL men’s belt buckles are in the Gold and Silver series. These are large oval buckles with a standardized, formal design in a gold tone raised against a silver background; the team logo appears centered in the oval:

Classic NFL Men’s Belt Buckles

The belt buckles I’ve described are licensed product lines that are available now. There have been other officially-licensed NFL belt buckles that are no longer available except from private owners and collectors. If you frequent yard sales and flea markets, you might stumble across some of these older buckles from time-to-time—and many are available through on-line auction sites and belt buckle stores. Here are examples of vintage NFL men’s belt buckles:

Follow this link, or click the Buckle Store link in the margin of this page to see more men’s belt buckles officially licensed by the NFL.

Other NFL Gear

If a team belt buckle isn’t enough, check out the web sites listed below for other NFL-branded items to express your team affiliation:

NFL …Football Jerseys and More Sports Accessories – New England Patriots Wes Welker Youth Replica Team Color Jersey. If this is not what you are looking for , keep searching NFL For everything NFL ! Shop for NFL Collectibles at

Eagles Gear, Jersey’s, Hats – 10% Off Your Order through Aug 31 – NFL 2008 Sideline Gear, NFL Home & Office, NFL Collectibles, Eagles Tailgating Gear, Custom Jersey’s – Personalize Your Favorite Jersey Today! Back-to-School Headwear, Backpacks and More! …

Confused About What To Get A Die-hard Sports Fan? – You can choose from collector plates, sports figurines, NASCAR merchandise, NFL collectibles, including Dallas Cowboys merchandise, NBA collectibles and so on. In a nutshell, buying a gift for a sports fan used to be a great challenge. …

Auctions for NFL fans site offers great deals for team collectibles – If you’re an NFL fan, you know the joy each new preseason/season brings — and here’s a useful website for you to satisfy that “fan craving” for new and used NFL collectibles at some great online auctions for NFL fans. …

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Especially for Collectors of Men’s Belt Buckles

If you’re new to the idea of having a belt with interchangeable buckles, then you may not be ready to call yourself a collector of men’s belt buckles. However, once you’ve explored the thousands of varieties of buckles available, it can be hard to resist adding to your own collection. Even when you have a dozen or more men’s belt buckles, you may be a long way from calling yourself a collector. Maybe you have a bunch of buckles because you like to have a variety of accents for various outfits and social situations.

On the other hand, do you express any of these behaviors?

  • you find yourself examining belts and their attached buckles at yard sales
  • you admire the belts and buckles on display in your local army-surplus store
  • you always check out the belts and accessories when you go clothes shopping
  • you sometimes dig through belts at your local salvation army store
  • you visit flea markets and antique stores, and dig around looking for belt buckles
  • you search the web using phrases such as “men’s belt buckles” or “mens belt buckles”

Just In Case…

If you’re starting to amass a collection of men’s belt buckles—especially if you’re not buying all of them factory-fresh—then do yourself a favor and invest in a book to help put those buckles in perspective. One such book, Collecting Men’s Belt Buckles, was published in the year 2000 and remains the most accessible authority on the subject.

The author of Men’s Belt Buckles, Joseph Saitta, has created a lavishly-illustrated book with hundreds of photographs and descriptions of men’s belt buckles. But Saitta doesn’t stop there. He includes tips for collecting interesting buckles, and he helps you understand the monetary value of the buckles you collect.

Collecting Men’s Belt Buckles is the essential guide for any collector. Increase the value of your collection by learning to identify quality buckles whose worth will continue to increase. Don’t collect blind; click the illustration at right to get your own copy today.


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Why Not Collect Men’s Belt Buckles?


Do you collect men’s belt buckles? Even if you don’t, without knowing it, you might be perfectly poised to start a collection. A belt you bought off-the-rack at a department store might be designed to accept interchangeable buckles: a military-style belt, a wide leather belt with a pressed pattern for casual wear, or a polished leather belt for formal attire.

Belts for Interchangeable Men’s Belt Buckles

There are two very common schemes for belts that handle interchangeable men’s belt buckles. In most cases, the buckle end of the belt folds back on itself, and two or three snaps hold it around a bale on the back of the buckle. You might buy one of these without knowing it because they often hang on racks along with belts whose buckles are sewn or riveted onto the belt strap.

Alternatively, buckles made for web-style belt straps (common for military uniforms) clamp onto the belt strap anywhere you wish to place them. These come off the strap easily, and you can replace them with other clamp-on belt buckles.

Swap a Snap-on Buckle

If you don’t know whether you can swap buckles on your leather belt, look at the buckle end where the belt folds back on itself. If you see only stitching holding the belt together, that one isn’t a candidate. If, on the other hand, you see two or three rivet heads, these might be the back sides of snaps. Try to pull the folded-over flap away from the back of the belt. You may need to pull hard… but it’s not likely to require a lot of effort. If those rivet heads are riveted through, again: the belt isn’t a candidate for change. However, it’s likely that flap will pop free, revealing that it’s snapped against the belt. You can replace the buckle. The photo sequence below shows the simple procedure.

Swap a Clip-on Buckle

opposite ends of the same belt

If you have belts that resemble straps of tightly-woven threads, chances are the buckles are simply clamped onto those straps. Typically, the buckle end of the strap is unfinished, and maybe even frayed. The other end of the strap has leather or some other material stitched on, or a piece of metal folded around it and crimped into place.


Because you can slide as much of the belt as you want through the clamp of a clip-on buckle, you can easily adjust a belt strap made of webbing to any length. It’s an ingenious design that lets the wearer create the “brass-on-brass” look expected by the military brass. The photo sequence below shows how to insert a belt strap into a clamp-on buckle.

Your Collection of Men’s Belt Buckles

If you have at least one belt that can accommodate interchangeable buckles, you’ve already started a buckle collection (that belt must have a buckle, no?) Now, think about your interests, your hobbies, your affiliations. Are you a sports fan? An audiophile? A brand-enthusiast? Find some buckles that represent your preferences, and swap them onto your belt as your mood or situation dictates.

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Men’s Belt Buckles

Are you looking for men’s belt buckles? Most people overlook this necessary accessory, and that’s a shame. The right belt buckle sets off nearly any outfit. There is such a variety of buckles available from so many sources, yet most men wear off-the-shelf belts that come with very forgettable buckles.

The good news is: men’s belt buckles are one type of jewelry that men aren’t self-conscious about wearing. It’s easy to find a belt designed to let you switch buckles in seconds, so you can effortlessly change from one look to another depending on the clothes you’re wearing or the crowd you’ll be hanging with.

Men’s Belt Buckles with Commercial Themes

There are men’s belt buckles to appeal to every taste. Many companies sell buckles designed around their company brands or logos—enthusiasts of these companies might enjoy collecting the buckles. You can find buckles that celebrate your favorite sports teams and other buckles that promote (or reflect) Hollywood icons—Batman, Superman, Darth Vader, you name it and there’s probably a belt buckle designed around it.

Men’s Belt Buckles for any Attire

Of course, you can find attractive men’s belt buckles that are no more than accessories to nice outfits. You’ll find pewter belt buckles, brass belt buckles, silver belt buckles, gold belt buckles, and even wooden belt buckles. And by nice outfits, I mean outfits for any occasion. You can find belt buckles for high-society events, for the rodeo set, for maritime settings, for alpine climbing expeditions, and for bushwhacking in the jungle.

Men’s Belt Buckles as Art

Do you have a favorite pet? Are you enthusiastic about a particular kind of animal? There are almost certainly men’s belt buckles that feature these animals. And, if no one has already made exactly what you want, there are artists who will design and make custom buckles for you.

A belt buckle can depict a realistic scene, or an abstract form. Whatever its shape, wearing the right belt buckle is like carrying around a piece of sculpture to share with the world. And, as with any art form, there are avid collectors who buy, swap, and sell buckles that they intend only to display, but never to wear.

Men’s Belt Buckles for You or Yours

This blog is about men’s belt buckles. With each blog post, I’ll try to find interesting buckles to show you, to tell you something about who’s making belt buckles, or help track down buckles with specific themes or subjects. Please let me know what you want to see, and I’ll do my best to find it for you.

To get things started, here are a few men’s belt buckles that have to do with good luck. Follow this link or click buckle store link in the right margin to review and purchase these and other men’s belt buckles for luck.

Men’s Belt Buckles for Luck

This four-leaf clover belt buckle (left) was obviously designed for luck. Perfect for casual attire, it adds a bit ‘o the green for the leprauchan in each of us. Get yours from by following the link in the margin on the right of this page.

A horseshoe, a star, and bird wings… or is it a mustache? This buckle looks for luck with a design out of America’s old west. The aged metal look goes well with denim and boots.

A horseshoe, a lucky seven, two shamrocks, and a set of dice. This would go well with any outfit you’d wear to a charity fund-raising casino night. Get in the spirit with a lucky belt buckle to complete your outfit.

The ace of spades is a lucky card for many players–and it makes an attractive belt buckle. Wear it with almost any outfit, and especially at poker games. In fact, don’t wear it to poker games, but take it along: it’ll make a great marker to protect your cards from mucking during a hand.

Check out these web sites. One is an article that provides guidance for selecting the right outfits to go with Geeky belt buckles, the other is a blog for a store that sells vintage belt buckles:

  • Geek Chic: How to wear geeky belt buckles revisited – iPod belt buckle from Beat Buckle I’ve been hearing from a lot of readers who want more information about wearing belt buckles, so let’s take the time to explore this fashion forward practice a little further. This advice can be used by …

  • Vintage Belt Buckles – The above belt buckles are just two of many that we carry. Most are reasonably priced & western themed. They definitely make for good conversation starters. Posted in accessories Tagged: belt buckles.


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